Mission & Background

Mission Statement

SquashWise partners with Baltimore’s youth and families to advance equity in squash, education, and personal development opportunities. We are a dedicated agent of change providing a place where students reach their academic, athletic, and life goals and where the squash community becomes more accessible and welcoming for all.

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Statement of Purpose

Our Statement of Purpose defines SquashWise’s purpose and values as an organization. View the full statement, which was developed collaboratively through feedback from our staff, students, families and Board of Directors.


Founded in 2007, SquashWise began with just 14 students. We have grown to nearly 70 middle and high school students in our youth development program, an emerging group of alumni, and more than 300 youth and adults participating in school and community squash programs. We have weathered the closure of our long-time facility partner, Meadow Mill Athletic Club, and the establishment of a temporary facility. We also have a tremendous building project in the works — the transformation of the historic Greyhound bus terminal in downtown Baltimore into a youth and community squash center.

SquashWise was co-founded by a group of passionate squash players — Abby Markoe, Doug Hoffberger, Nancy Cushman, Peter Heffernan, and Charlie Wise. The organization greatly benefitted from their leadership along with early seed funding from the Squash and Education Alliance, operational support from Maryland Squash, and a generous facility donation from Meadow Mill Athletic Club.

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