School Squash

Current Offerings

PE Clinics

We bring squash directly to you! PE clinics take place in school gymnasiums during physical education blocks. Clinics run anywhere from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, and we can accommodate up to 30 students/clinic. Our coaches lead students through various stations including basic rules of the game and safety, gripping the racquet and hitting the ball, and relays.

Field Trips

Bring your students to SquashWise! Field trips take place during the school day at SquashWise’s Sisson St facility. We recommend field trips lasting 1.5-2 hours and can accommodate up to 15 students at once. Students learn the fundamentals of the sport on our two courts and build confidence and curiosity through fun racquet games and drills.

Squash Exposure

Over a period of six weeks, squash exposure teaches students the sport and helps to deepen their level of play. Sessions take place at SquashWise’s Sisson St facility during the school day or Friday afternoons, and we can accommodate up to 14 students from one school. Students learn and practice their squash skills, play in games against their classmates, and engage in some supplemental fitness conditioning as well. We encourage these sessions to last 1.5 hours.

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There are several options for your school and your students to try something new at SquashWise! Learn more about these unique opportunities by emailing Acting Senior Program Director, Zach Bradley.